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Reservation & Usage Policy
All organized programs will have priority over all other reservations. Squadron PT, Fit Camp and intramural events which are sponsored by the Fitness Center will have priority in all facilities.
Use Eligibility
Active duty military personnel, military family members, retired military and their family members and DOD/NAF civilians assigned to Dover AFB are authorized to use fitness and sports facilities subject to the priorities and space availability as outlined in AFI 34‐262, attachment 2. During unforeseen peak utilization periods by active duty military, other patrons must relinquish the use of equipment or space when requested to do so by the Fitness Center Staff (FCS).
- Family members 16 years of age and over are authorized unrestricted use of all Fitness Center facilities and equipment.
- Family members 13‐15 years of age may use cardiovascular equipment and strength training areas only with interactive supervision from a parent or legal guardian.
- Children 14‐15 years of age may use the basketball court and racquetball courts if the parent or guardian is in the facility.
- Children 6‐12 years of age are prohibited from use of the cardiovascular and strength training areas. Children 6‐12 years of age may utilize the basketball court and racquetball courts with interactive supervision from a parent or legal guardian.
- Children under 6 years of age are authorized in the Child Play Area and in the spectator seating area during sports contests and special events only and must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
Authorized users 18 years of age or older may sponsor one guest. The sponsor and guest must present proper identification. Sponsor must remain with the guest at all times and is fully responsible for the conduct of the guest. Guests are authorized four times per month.