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Equipment CheckÔÇÉ Out Procedures

1. All equipment will be checked out at the Fitness Center from the customer service counter and issued on an Equipment Issue Card. The Fitness Center Staff will check the equipment for its condition. If equipment has been broken through neglect or abuse, the individual will be responsible to pay for or replace it with a similar item. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
2. The Fitness Center Staff reserves the right to deny the use of equipment and facilities to the offender. Remember, equipment available at the Center is for your convenience and use; therefore, protect this privilege. Sponsors are responsible for equipment checked out by family members.
3. The following equipment is available for checkout on a daily basis:
               - Bike Straps
               - Boxing Gloves, Basketballs/Volleyballs
               - Jump Rope, Racquetball Equipment
               - Eye Guards, Soccer Balls/Footballs
               - Walleyball Equipment
               - Heart Rate Monitors
               - Outdoor Athletic Facilities