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If you are a "Serious Athlete", the Air Force Sports Program is for you!

If you are a serious athlete, and you are active duty, Air National Guard or Reserve (Guard and Reserve are placed on active duty by their unit or HQ AFRC while participating in the program), then the Air Force Sports Program is for you! The AF Sports Program provides highly skilled athletes the opportunity to challenge themselves with many different levels of competition beyond the base level. These include Air Force, Armed Forces, national and international levels.
Athletes selected for specialized training participate in trial camps or departmental-level Air Force Championship events. Trial camps are short in duration but physically demanding, mentally challenging and highly competitive. These camps identify athletes earning berths on the final Air Force team that advances to national, international or Armed Forces competitions. Air Force programs include boxing, bowling, cross country, golf, fencing, marathon, shooting, rugby, tae kwon do, track & field, triathlon, wrestling, men's or women's basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball.
If you are a member who falls in this category, you need to apply for specialized training using an AF Form 303. The forms may be downloaded from www.usafsports.com. Your supervisor and commander must endorse the form and it will require the Base and MAJCOM sports representative coordination. All AF Form 303s must reach the Air Force Fitness and Sports office NLT the dates published on the Air Force Sports calendar. AF Fm 303s for sports not listed on the calendar such as fencing and martial arts may be submitted at any time. For questions ar more information on this program, call 677-3773.