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Tips for Selecting a Family Child Care Provider

Start interviewing in advance of your need
We suggest that you allow two weeks or more to contact and screen prospective Family Child Care homes and providers.  
Spend as much time as you can with the provider
See if their attitudes regarding children agree with yours. Feel free to ask questions of the provider about her/his views on various subjects. You should try to select a provider that you and your child will feel comfortable with and have confidence in.
Let the provider interact with your child
Not all caregivers and children get along. You should try to select a provider that can deal with your child positively and one that your child will feel at ease with.
Ask very specific questions about the provider's discipline techniques
Family Child Care Providers are strictly prohibited from using any form of corporal punishment, even with parental permission. Instead, techniques are used to help the child develop self-control, self-esteem, and respect for the rights of others.
Take time to stop by and visit with the FCC coordinator
They will assist you with additional information in your search for childcare.