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A Parent's Guide to FCC Homes

Finding good quality child care is a challenge. To help the Dover Team meet this challenge, Family Child Care Homes are a very reliable and trustworthy option.
What is Family Child Care?
Family Child Care is the regular care of a child in the home of another family in base housing. The Air Force has developed a system for bases to use in offering a Family Child Care Program. Child Care providers are required to be licensed.
Who is eligible to use a Family Child Care Home?
Only children of active duty military personnel or civilians employed on or supported by the base may use the FCC. Children ages 2 weeks through 12 years of age are eligible for care.
Who decides the fees charged?
Care is provided by the licensed provider as his/her private business. Therefore, fees and charges are set by that same licensee.
What is licensing?
Licensing is approved by the Mission Support Group Commander for an onbase resident to provide care in his/her quarters. The licensee must meet all requirements of the AF Family Child Care Program. Each provider is thoroughly investigated, monitored, and trained to meet the licensing requirements.
What are the admission requirements for children who use a FCC home?
The Air Force FCC regulations state that prior to admission in a FCC home the following requirements must be met by the parent:
1. A completed AFF 1181, Child Registration Form, must be in your child's folder.
2. Make sure your child has all immunizations required by the U.S. Air Force Clinic. The provider must be given proof of immunizations and these must be documented on the AFF 1181.
3. The parent must give the provider phone numbers where he/she can be reached in case of an emergency.

4. A written contract signed by both the provider and the parent.


5. Required paperwork from the State of Delaware, i.e. health appraisal.