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Expanded Home Care Options

The Air Force offers the FCC Expanded Child Care Program. Under this program umbrella, Dover offers three FCC child care options for parents.
Extended Duty Program (EDC)
Parents may request the use of this program when their child care needs temporarily extend beyond their normal child care arrangements due to military mission related requirements. Dover has three EDC providers contracted to offer this care. It is open to all active duty military, DOD civilians and reservists and the Air National Guard on active duty or for annual training and UTA weekends. Parents interested in using this program must obtain written verification from their supervisor stating they are required to work extended hours and there is no other child care available.
Returning Home Care
Military members returning home from deployments in support of OEF, OIF and deployments of 30 days or longer are eligible for 16 hours of free child care. This care can be used for business or appointments or if the parents want a night out. Parents must get written verification of eligibility for this care from their supervisor.
Forms for both Extended Duty Care and Returning Home Care are available at the FCC Office.
Subsidized Family Child Care
The Air Force is now subsidizing Family Child Care Providers based on the child care fee categories at the Child Development Center. Parents will complete a required form to determine their fee category. Parents will pay the amount listed for that category and the Air Force will subsidize the provider the remaining amount. This is a voluntary program for the providers. Please contact any child care provider or the FCC office for more information.