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If your college does not offer electronic transcripts you must request a hard copy.  The transcript must be mailed directly from your civilian college to CCAF.  CCAF will not accept transcripts marked “issued to Student,” unofficial transcripts, or faxed transcripts.  To expedite the evaluation process, request that your school include your social security number on the transcript.  Also, if your transcript is under a different name, please have the school include your current name in order to prevent delays.  Please allow at least 45-60 days for CCAF to update your progress report.  To send transcripts directly from your college to CCAF at the mailing address:
100 South Turner BLVD
Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL  36114-3011
Electronic Transcript:  CCAF will accept electronic transcripts from colleges that use the eSCRIP-SAFE, Parchment or AVOW delivery networks.  Students will log onto their school’s website to order the transcript.  Select the CCAF or your may also type in ccaf(dot)registrar(at)us(dot)af(dot)mil as the receiving institution.
**Please do not send your transcripts to update your CCAF record to the Education Center as CCAF will not accept them if they are not sent directly from the college to CCAF.
Education Levels Update Information:
§  Officers:  IAWAFI 36-2305, AFIT updates your education levels.  Education Centers no longer offer this service.  Send your official transcript from your academic institution to the address below:
AFT Academic Coding Branch
2950 Hobson Way
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH  45433-7765
AFIT Phone: (937) 255-6565, Ext 4324
§  Enlisted:  IAWAF 36-2306, member must request one of the following from their college/university and provide to the Education Center:
1.       An official transcript that includes your degree conferred date, degree level, and degree title. An official transcript must be mailed directly to the education office from your college or hand delivered to the education office in the original sealed envelope. Your college can post the degree conferred memo to on the Academic Institution (AI) Portal or  mail the official
transcript to the following address:
261 Chad Street
Dover AFB, DE  19902
Also, your college can send an official transcript to the education office by email. Education3(at)us(dot)af(dot)mil or FAX 302-677-6645.
2.      Notification of degree completion on official school letterhead from your college registrar’s office stating your full name, SSN, degree level, degree