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Spouse Clubs 
If you are interested in meeting spouses from the base, Dover AFB has clubs for Officers’ spouses, and Enlisted spouses.

Dover Officers' Spouses' Club

The Dover Officers’ Spouses’ Club (DOSC) is an exciting way to meet new friends and make a difference on base and in the local community. To find out more information about this club, please visit their website at: www.doverosc.com or email them at doverosc(at)yahoo(dot)com

Dover Enlisted Spouses' Club

The Dover Enlisted Spouses’ Club (ESC) brings spouses together in an environment of support and service. It is an active voice at Dover as well as in the surrounding communities. To find out more information about this club, please email them at doveresc(at)gmail(dot)com

Key Spouse Groups by Squadrons:


Wing Staff

436 AW & Wing Staff Agencies: ks436cpts(at)yahoo(dot)com

Maintenance Group

436 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron: 436amxsspouses(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Aerial Port Squadron: apsdoverspouses(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Maintenance Operations Flight: 436mofkeyspouse(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Maintenance Squadron: 436mxskeyspouse(at)gmail(dot)com
736 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron: 736family(at)gmail(dot)com

Mission Support Group

436 Communication Squadron : keyspouse(dot)436cs(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Force Support Squadron : keyspouse(dot)436fss(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Security Forces Squadron : 436sfskeyspouse(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Logistics Readiness Squadron: spouses_436_lrs(at)yahoo(dot)com
436 Civil Engineering Squadron: 436ceskeyspouse(at)gmail(dot)com

Operations Group

3rd Airlift Squadron : 3rdAirlift(at)gmail(dot)com
436 Operations Support Squadron: team436oss(at)gmail(dot)com
9th Airlift Squadron: 9thspouses(at)gmail(dot)com

Medical Group

436 Medical Group: 436thmdgkeyspouse(at)gmail(dot)com